Thursday, February 12, 2009

Minnesota Nice

So there is this unwritten rule apparently that everyone in Minnesota is nice...the rule is called Minnesota nice. And you know the funny thing is that everyone really is nice! Josh and I were privileged to spend a couple weeks at the Mayo clinic in January...dead winter. We rotated with the family med department there and made a whole host of new friends. We enjoyed our time so much there, that when I went with the in-laws to see "New in Town" (based in Minnesota) I was DYING to go back! We stayed with an Indian couple who took us to a Bollywood movie-which we liked more than they did. Although it had its cheesy moments of music videos in the middle of the film, a little too much animation and men wearing green scarfs with their shirts open...we walked out of the theater happy we had gone. We also got to spend time with some little haitian people. I am not being derogatory...they really are little people. They lit up our hearts every chance we got to see them. Josh and I had a first in our marriage as well...we went sledding. I hadnt been able to pack us a lot of winter snow clothes due to the suitcase situation, but we made due with jeans and borrowed athletic pants. I realized at that moment that the daredevil that was once alive in me, is dead. We had a lot of other memories and amazing times especially in the -40 degree weather. A few pics so you can live vicariously through us...

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