Monday, February 25, 2008

Ducks and Pharisees

So I have been dying to tell someone about the terrible encounter I had with duck mating season. I love ducks, in fact, I had one when I was a kid, her name was Daisy. I think they are the cutest things and if they were bigger I would want to squeeze them like puppies! But I have a bit of a different opinion now because of what I witnessed on my way in to school the other morning. I have never seen ducks have sex, but it was horrible. Like the worst thing you can imagine. The poor girl duck was pounced on, and held down on her little neck by the man duck's beak. I was traumatized. Thankfully the lovely encounter did not last more than a few seconds...but it seemed like forever. I had a horrible mental picture in my head all morning when I was trying to focus on class. The only thing I have seen that is closely related to this, but a bit funnier, was on my honeymoon when we drove past a donkey and a llama. Yeah...weird.
Anyway, I still love girl ducks...but I think I might be becoming a little duck sexist if that is possible. Something about the whole process seemed a bit...wrong.

I was in a meeting today with the CMA leadership team discussing a book we are reading by Os Guisness. Somehow the conversation me to have the opportunity to reminisce on something that really bugs me...about me. So before I was walking with the Lord, like when I was younger, there were a particular group of people that I really did not care for, like could not stand. Those people were the pharisees. I am thinking of no one in particular right now, but just the entourage of people in the church who live as though they have everything figured out. Well I knew deep in my heart that no matter WHAT I was never going to be like one of them. No way! Hmmm, ok, so bringing it back to the present. I have come a bit further in my walk with God these days, like at least I consider myself to now be walking with him. Over the course of the last few years, since medical school, I have seen evidence in my heart of the very thing that I have disdained. No question about it. It is there...the "I would never act like that and I have ARRIVED" mentality. It is funny, because in the midst of that self-righteousness that was taking place in my life, God was choosing to show me how off I am. I am beginning to now see that we all have a little pharisee in us and no one, no matter how great WE think we are, is exempt from a sinful and prideful nature. So when I think I have arrived, or got it all figured out...God has a way of reminding me, simply stated, that I have not. And for this I am grateful.

Enough ramblings. I am off to learn how t do a pelvic and rectal exam...nice after lunch treat. Letcha know how it goes! :)
Philippians 3