Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Wow-been a while again! I feel like I always write that as my first-liner!! Anyway, not much is new for us, except that we are in our last year of medical school, which is amazing! We traveled to Alaska for a family cruise when we were supposed to be studying for step 2, oops! Had an amazing time with Josh's family. Our favorite part of the trip was salmon fishing and catching over 20lbs that we had sent home. We had the most interesting guide who made the entire experience worth every penny that we paid. A few pictures are attached! After getting back we studied for what seemed like forever for Step 2, and then headed straight to Kansas City the following day! We were in MO for the National Conference of the America Academy of Family Physicians where we were busy checking out the fam med residencies across the country. That is what we have coming down the pipe right now for us. We are not sure at this point where we are going to end up in less than a year, but we know that we are considering some amazing places and that God will take us where He wants us! That's all for now folks!

This is us fishing which I obviously needed some help with!

Us in front of the Hubbard Glacier!