Wednesday, November 14, 2007

our GPS

Welp the time is quickly approaching for my life to take a drastic turn. I am getting married! Yep, 29 days and my name is going to be changing...I like the sound of my new name, so I am happy about that. The road to this point has been steep, and at times hard to see what is around the corner. I don't have one of those GPS things in my car, but I have heard about them...they seem pretty cool. As we have traveled along this road we have had a GPS like thing I guess, but one that just never tells you the wrong directions or the long way to get to where you are going. Our GPS thing is always right, and always gets us to our desired destination...even if we dont really know that we need that bathroom stop.

Is this confusing you? Ok, let me stop with the analogies and be straight forward. My fiance and I have been able to see the hand of God (our GPS) at work in our lives over the past year. He has been faithful to show us His face when we seek it, and faithful to soften our hearts when they are wrong. We are wrong a lot you know, everyone is, and the funny thing is that only God is capable of showing us our wrong. And trust me, from experience, He will.

We have both been intimidated by marriage because we fear that we are not going to be perfect. Imagine not perfect! HA! Well I know that may be hard to believe but my own humanness is clear everyday. As we have been counseled by loved ones and pastors, we see that it is not about our own is not about how I can "fix" myself for my future husband. In fact what I am learning is that I can never fix myself...and that is what makes God so sweet...I dont have to, because He will.

Needless to say, I am excited about being a wife. I know that there are countless days of joy ahead, and I am also well aware and excited for the days that will lend themselves to stretching us, molding us and making us more in the image of Jesus Christ. Let the adventure begin!!