Thursday, January 1, 2009

woh, been a long while

Ok, going to try to do better with the whole blogging thing! We have been really busy this year with rotations in the hospital, and finished a crazy hard fall semester. It is hard to believe that we are only a year and half out from getting our degree and moving on to residency! Wow! We have a lot to look forward to this spring and next year!!! I will have to keep some of that a secret so I can have more to blog about.
So the biggest thing for us in our life over this holiday season was the fact that we finished our first year of marriage!!! AWESOME!!! What a year it was. We are not like a lot of couples, we spent many nights apart (on call in the hospital), and have had to study during much of our free time, but we have made it and are stronger today than we were last year when we said "I do!". I am thankful for this first year and we keep saying that we hope for 70 more!!! Lord willing. Well to celebrate we went on a cruise to Mexico and had a great time...of course Josh loved the food, and I loved to fact that I had a reason to where all of my best friend's dresses!! haha. We are heading to Minnesota in a few days to check out the Mayo Clinic for residency! We are hoping to get an idea of what the place is really like and if it is somewhere we would like for a few years of our lives!! I am off...more hopefully before 8 months goes by, maybe?!