Tuesday, March 11, 2008

oh facebook...

So I should be finishing studying for my human sexuality course that they make us take in medical school...but it is a lot more fun to get to vent about my frustrations and have all you wonderful people read it!

So...has anyone else noticed that facebook has revolutionized our world...it has created this like "fake world" that we all live in. We make sure that we take awesome pics that we can put up on facebook, and of course our profile picture has to make us look straight good...whether that be, "woh check it out...so an so went to Africa or Cambodia" or "man she has gotten so skinny and pretty!". I have gotten a bit annoyed at facebook, because I do the same things! The worst part about it is we feel like we know people based on what they chose to put on their profile, or what they say in their notes, or what they are doing in their pics! I know I feel like I know people and I can make judgements of who they are, because well I saw this and that on facebook! Seriously Beck? It is all so silly to me, yet somehow I am in the middle of it.

I have thought for a while about giving up facebook, and devoting my time to my Lord, my husband, and studies...but somehow I am made to feel like I have to stay on facebook to stay in touch with everyone. hmmm...what about coffee or what about calling each other?! I am so confused about this, because in the recent years facebook has turned into something for me where I catch up on the latest gossip, where I see what this person said on that person's wall. The computer world has changed us, it has changed me, and I don't like it. Maybe I am just annoyed mostly because facebook is not as innocent as it used to be for me. In some ways I have created demons out of something meant to be fun. I know that I am not the only one...I mean who has been devastated when someone denied their friend offer?! WHAT?! Will you be my friend on facebook please, and they say no, and you are like crushed! Sound stupid? Well it happens (did to me!).

Does anyone else know what I mean? Am I alone in this? If my spare time that I have is going to look at facebook and worry about what is happening on facebook, I think something is off. I wonder how much of what happens on facebook glorifies God? That is the question that I think needs to be answered.

By the way, I don't think facebook in and of itself is bad at all, in fact I LOVE getting in touch with my girls from all over and being able to say hello to this person and that person just because I can...but it is not just that anymore. It has turned into a fake world that sucks me in, and I believe that I should be sucked into God's word more than I am facebook. And I wonder whether I should go on a facebook sabbatical until it can become that once again.

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SteveEmAck said...


I am just now reading this post on your blog 9/28. I am really feeling the same way as you. I have not thought a whole lot about what to do, but I feel exactly the same way. You put it in words well, it creates a fake world. I WASTE so much time on facebook and for what?? Where does it get me??? I dont know what to do...I think I may just take a week off of facebook and call my friends when i want to talk or catch up! E